Bullet Resistant Windows

Bullet Resistant Windows for Architects

For businesses that handle cash, employee security and safety is incredibly important. Bullet proof windows provide the peace of mind needed for workers to complete the work whether they are selling tickets at large sporting events or handling an overnight shift. Read More

Bullet-Proof Windows for Business

When considering bullet proof windows and their applications, businesses are focused on keeping workers safe and maintaining payment areas that are attractive to customers. The dedicated team at Creative Industries provides a variety of bullet resistant window design to help you achieve both goals. Available styles of bullet-proof windows include:

  • Exterior windows—These secure options are ideal for businesses that provide walk-up or drive-thru services to customers. When selected and installed properly, bullet resistant exterior windows are functional while providing protection against both elements and potential security threats.
  • Night windows—A perfect fit for banks and other businesses that allow night deposits, night windows provide protection against bullets to employees and easy function for customers. Talk-thrus and hinged deal tray options are available to improve ease of use in transactions.
  • Vision windows—Vision windows provide security, visibility, and easy communication. Their lack of a deal tray or exchange area increases security and makes them perfect for businesses that do not exchange goods or payment.
  • Exchange windows—For some businesses, their goods are too large to fit through a deal tray or other channel. Exchange windows provide a larger window and transaction area to allow for needed business functions.
  • Flip windows—Flip windows provide a seal against the outside air when customers aren’t present. Typically seen in businesses with relatively large items, such as drive-thrus, flip windows can provide additional defenses against the elements.

Every Creative Industries window is manufactured to meet our high-quality standards using stainless steel, bullet proof glass, and effective weather stripping to reduce energy costs. Our reliable manufacturing standards and sturdy construction mean that every window unit provides years of safe use and a visually appealing profile for businesses.

Our wide selection of window forms and styles provide businesses many solutions to meet their security needs. Contact us to determine which option will best meet your security needs.