Vision Window with Aluminum Clamp-On Frame

specwizardBullet resistant interior window clamps into wall with bolts positioned through back frame into threaded section of front frame. With several glazing options, unit is delivered fully assembled.


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Bullet Resistant Vision Window

Bullet resistant Vision Window with Aluminum Clamp-on Frame is identical to our Service Window above except for a frame along bottom in place of stainless steel shelf and deal tray.

Specify frame finish: Clear or dark bronze anodized aluminum
Construction: Aluminum frame

Fits into rough wall opening and clamps onto finished wall. Extruded aluminum frame adjusts for wall thickness from 5” to 8.5”. Rubber spacers hold glazing in place, allowing for natural voice transmission through edge space.

Frame at bottom instead of shelf. Choice of glazing. Interior use only.

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Additional information

Specify frame finish

Clear or dark bronze anodized aluminum


Aluminum frame