Walk-Up Window

specwizardThis bullet resistant Walk-Up window has a patented countertop design that makes transactions easy for the customer, and safe for everyone.


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Bullet Resistant Walk-Up Window

Creative Industrie’s bullet resistant Walk-Up Window has an aluminum frame. Patented stainless steel counter top with drawer leaves space in front of window for writing surface or purse ledge. Weatherstripped drawer extends out to customer for access to contents.

Natural voice transmission is furnished by Creative’s patented model No. 5-D* cast stainless steel talk thru. Walk-Up Window is shipped without glazing material permanently installed. Sealant to be furnished by installer.

– Frame: aluminum
– Counter top and drawer: stainless steel
– Talk thru: cast stainless steel

*No. 5-D Talk Thru is described in further detail in another section of this catalog.

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Counter top and drawer

stainless steel

Talk thru

cast stainless steel