Energy Pal Pass Thru (Non-Bullet Resistant) Patented

specwizardThe patented Energy Pal Pass Thru is ideally suited for drive-up service. A pivoting shelf with Lexan doors turns outward to customer and inward to operator.


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Non-Bullet Resistant Energy Pal Pass Thru Patented

Shelf has coin scoop and bill clip. Prevents direct entry of outside air into the building. Mounts on window ledge or wall opening for drive-up service.

Locks with the adjacent Lexan windows forming an insulated barrier between outside and inside air. Unit is weatherstripped.

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Energy Pal has 13" inside clear height Sides: Aluminum with clear or dark bronze anodized finish Top and bottom: 1" solid plastic Shelf: Solid plastic Doors: Clear .25" thick Lexan