Swivel-Thru No. 1 Combination Pass Thru and Deal Tray Patented

specwizardStainless steel Swivel-Thru allows you to safely pass normal currency transactions through a deal tray, or pass larger items such as an 8-pack of drinks or a large bag of coins with a tilted drum tray.


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Bullet Resistant Combination Pass Thru and Deal Tray Patented

The Swivel-Thru can be set in the transaction area of counter, centered beneath the bullet resistant window. For normal currency transactions the deal tray (lid) is locked in horizontal position by a turn latch incorporated in the knob.

For larger items the deal tray is tilted upward to the lower edge of window to uncover the open drum below. Deal tray is rotated in opposite direction by operator for access to drum contents.

The Swivel-Thru is bullet resistant in all positions. It has the appearance of an ordinary deal tray when mounted in place, not detracting from aesthetics of counter.

Construction: Stainless steel
Overall Size: 16˝ wide x 18˝ deep x 10˝ high

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Stainless steel

Overall Size

16" wide x 18" deep x 10" high