Thickness of bulletproof glass

8 July 2019
8 July 2019, Comments Comments Off on Thickness of bulletproof glass

Bulletproof-GlassFor individuals who are interested in making sure they have the security measures they need for their business or organization, bulletproof glass is among the most important purchases you can make. Places like convenience stores, gas stations, event venues, police stations and government buildings will all face different threat levels, and will all have different requirements in the strength of the bulletproof glass installed in their buildings. However, it’s important to know going in that no bulletproof glass is truly entirely immune to damage from weapons. With enough punishment, any bulletproof glass can be damaged or destroyed, which is why it’s important to know the level of protection you’ll need to factor into your application of bullet resistant glass (as it’s called within the industry).

Different Types of Bulletproof Glass

There are different types of bulletproof glass available to customers, each with different levels of bullet resistance. The first and most common type is simply treated from bullet-resistant acrylic. Acrylic is a solid type of plastic able to stand up to firearms, and while it’s not as strong as the other types, it’s still able to offer protection against some of the most common firearms used in crimes. The next type is laminated polycarbonate, made from layers of mar resistant polycarbonate attached to a central panel of acrylic with sheets of polyurethane. This layering adds cost, but it also adds strength and solidity to the end product. The last, and commonly regarded as the strongest, is glass clad polycarbonate. This is made from alternating layers of glass and polycarbonate sealed together, and can be layered up to the highest levels of thickness and protection depending on the need of the specific customer. 

Bulletproof glass isn’t actually created from glass more often than not. The material it’s made from can be different than what customers might expect, but what matters more is how well bulletproof glass holds back projectiles.

Range of Strength for Bulletproof Glass

In order to accurately rate bulletproof glass along a scale of strength and effectiveness against bullets or other weapons, manufactures and customers adhere to a rating system from Underwriters Laboratory, the industry standard testing organization. There are eight levels of bulletproof glass, and each are made to stop different types of projectiles and will be most effective in a certain setting. For different venues, the cost of a higher level might be prohibitively expensive when a lower and more affordable level will meet their needs. It’s always wisest to get bullet resistant security systems installed in your business if you’re going to be interacting with a large number of customers and want to make sure that employees and revenue all stay safe.

The first, most popular level of resistance is able to stand up to several shots from a 9mm pistol in the same area before the damage breaks through the glass. This type is perfect for businesses like pharmacies, gas stations and retail shops. The vast majority of robbery attempts are committed with small handguns, and while sustained fire could eventually break through this layer, attempted robbers will want to make a quick getaway. Even the presence alone of a bulletproof glass window system is more than likely enough to deter any robbery attempt before it occurs.

Level two of bulletproof glass is built to stand up to a .357 magnum shot, and this upgraded level of protection is great for corporate banks and financial institutions that might face more determined attempts. Level three can face several shots from the highest caliber of handgun, and can keep occupants of police stations, utilities and government facilities safe from criminals. Levels four through eight are heavy duty, built to stand up to sustained rifle and assault weapon fire, and are generally only useful for government and military buildings looking to stand up to attack.

Bulletproof glass can be as strong as a business or organization needs it to be, and with the right partner, you’ll have complete faith in your security. Contact us today, and see how we can fulfill your needs.