Cash Drawer 1618


With no slides to wear out, this Cash Draw is not only secure but designed to last a long time.


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Bullet Resistant Cash Drawer

Stainless steel housing. Bullet resistant plastic drawer. Mounts in counter top along front edge. Glazing (by others) should set above the flat hood portion of drawer.

As drawer slides out the stainless steel front panel pivots upward. Movement is controlled by the full width handle across rear of drawer.

Lexan lid stays closed when drawer is extended.

– Housing: stainless steel
– Drawer: bullet resistant plastic
Counter top opening size:
– 14.5˝ wide x 17.125˝ deep x 5.75˝ high
Drawer extension:
Inside dimension of drawer:
– 12˝ wide x 14.625˝ deep x 3.625˝ high

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stainless steel


bullet resistant plastic

Counter top opening size

14.5" wide x 17.125" deep x 5.75" high

Drawer extension


Inside dimension of drawer

12" wide x 14.625" deep x 3.625" high