Add an Extra Layer of Security with Bullet Resistant Walls

6 October 2017
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6 October 2017, Comments 0

When analyzing different options for commercial building security, owners typically consider bullet-resistant windows, security personnel, and safety policies as the leading methods for protecting employees and customers.

An increasing number of business owners are opting for bullet resistant walls as an extra measure of security — for personal and public purposes. Take the French government, which added bulletproof glass walls around the Eiffel Tower to protect the iconic structure. With terrorism on the rise, other governments and organizations are following suit.

What do businesses need to know before investing in bullet resistant walls? These three tips will help:

Review security plan elements. Many businesses, including banks, credit unions, gas stations and convenience stores, already include bullet resistant windows in security plans. Bullet resistant walls should be included as well because they add a stronger barrier against criminal activity.

Understand options and your needs before installation. Ask installers about wall construction before installation, because it determines how resistant the wall will be to gunfire. An effective bullet resistant wall should consist of fiberglass panels that are designed to resist bullets. The panel also includes a mesh fabric called para-aramid synthetic fiber, like the well-known Kevlar® used in many bulletproof vests. The installer should be able to offer you different levels of security based on the thickness of the panels and quality of the materials.

Determine aesthetics. A bulletproof wall construction provides numerous aesthetic options, including drywall, paneling and see-through walls (like the planned construction of the structure for the Eiffel Tower). When contractors build a bulletproof wall, they frame the stud wall however, they will also add the bulletproof fiberglass panels to the studs before mounting the final layer of drywall or paneling. From there, the wall can be painted like a normal wall.

Creative Industries has 47 years of experience in bullet resistant material construction; we help create bullet resistant material appropriate for your business or organization, to help protect the people inside. Contact us today!

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