16 October 2018
Comments Comments Off on The Need For Safety Barriers For Healthcare Workers
16 October 2018, Comments Comments Off on The Need For Safety Barriers For Healthcare Workers

The risk of workplace violence is very real for those in the healthcare industry. Simply take a look at these numbers from the Guidelines For Preventing Workplace Violence For HealthCare & Social Service Workers, published by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA):

  • 75% of all workplace assaults happen in healthcare industry
  • 30% of worker’s comp money spent by hospitals comes from patient-inflicted injuries
  • healthcare systems spend roughly $2 billion annually in workman’s comp claims

The healthcare workers with the highest risk are psychiatric aides, who have 10x the safety risk of any other workers. During the 2016 calendar year, 49% of hospitals reported increases in crime. Clearly, maintaining safety for healthcare workers is an issue.

Possible Solutions

As a result, hospitals and other healthcare facilities have implemented safety barriers for medical personnel. Increased security in medical facilities has led to increases in safety. Research has shown assaults against nurses decrease if they work from an enclosed station. Going further to increase safety standards for healthcare workers, the OSHA for several years now has recommended that hospitals consider installing bulletproof barriers.

Bulletproof Glass For Healthcare Facilities

Since 1998, workplace safety organizations have suggested hospitals and other medical facilities should move forward in protecting healthcare workers behind bullet-resistant glass. The most common areas that are recommended to protect are the reception area and any other area where money is exchanged.

Consider this statement from the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health: “Bullet resistant glass should be used to provide protection for triage, admitting or other reception areas where employees may greet or interact with the public.”

Area access control and the strategic use of bulletproof barriers can be very effective. This line of thinking allows you to control the people flow into emergency areas. By implementing buzzer access systems, keypad entry and metal detectors, you can control access. Bulletproof glass then becomes the final piece to ensure safety.

Finding Proper Security Help

Not all security and bullet resistance companies are capable of designing and installing barriers in healthcare facilities. It becomes even more complicated when installing a barrier with the idea that it’s not a barrier at all. By that, we mean it’s especially challenging to install these protections while remaining ADA compliant and obeying local fire and safety codes. The goal is to keep medical staff safe while also allowing them to effectively do their jobs.

Hospitals need to prioritize security measures that combine effectiveness with cost-efficiency to strive for the best return on investment and highest possible level of security.

Industries We’ve Secured

At Creative Industries, we’ve protected customer-serving businesses of all kinds. Our bulletproof systems have been a proven asset across many lines of business, protecting children, mass audiences, financial workers and civil workers.

Here’s a list of industries we’ve served with a long track record of success:

Creative Industries offers bullet-resistant windows and a variety of different protection products that can help keep your team members safe.

Customized Bullet Safety For Your Healthcare Team

Since, 1970, Creative Industries has supplied bullet resistance systems all across the country. Our prices are competitive enough to serve businesses of all sizes and our selection of services allows us to complete any job.

Our customer service team understands your team needs to have peace of mind while also being able to effectively communicate and help its patients. The next safety threat could come at any time. Don’t wait – contact us today to make sure your healthcare team remains safe and sound!