24 September 2018
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24 September 2018, Comments Comments Off on How Effective Is Bulletproof Glass?

Is Bulletproof Glass Really an Effective Barrier?

Certain businesses are naturally known to attract more amounts of crime due to the heavy numbers in attendance and even larger money flow that comes with it. Bulletproof glass has proven to be an effective barrier to danger in high-exposure situations at stadiums and arenas, banks, retail stores, and even schools and government buildings.

Many people ask how effective it really is. Nobody wants to be in a dangerous situation and guessing whether or not the glass in front of them might break. The video below from the Science Channel illustrates how good bulletproof glass can be.

How Does It Work?

Bulletproof glass functions similarly to the idea behind bulletproof vests – having a material that catches the projectile, slows it down and ultimately disperses its energy. Whereas regular glass has proven to shatter, sending any objects barreling through with almost no hesitation, bulletproof glass creates a vast amount of resistance. The bulletproof glass will still appear punctured, but the layers of polycarbonate placed between the panes of regular glass keeps the glass intact and anything behind it protected.

Different Levels Of Effectiveness

There are eight different levels of bulletproof protection, which are effective against everything from handguns to military grade rifles.

  • Levels 1-3: Effective against three shots with 9mm, .357 magnum, and .44 magnum firearms. Level 1-3 glass is most commonly found at gas stations, banks, shops, and government buildings.
  • Levels 4-5: This level of glass is used in government and military operations to protect against one round from .30 caliber rifles and 7.62mm rifles that fire military ammunition.
  • Levels 6-8: The highest levels of bulletproof glass protect against five shots from 9mm handguns and military-grade rifles. Government and military agencies use this level of glass for protection.

The Common Mistake When Buying Bulletproof Glass

Many organizations who are interested in this line of protection try to gauge for themselves what they need, rather than enlisting the help of a professional. Often times, people will err on the side of over-protection, which causes budgetary issues and may compromise your overall security strategy.

Adding layers for thicker glass can improve protection levels, but it also increases the weight of the glass and the cost. Glass that is too thick may also be difficult to see through as well. You don’t want to under-protect either, so that’s why it’s important to work with experts who specialize in bulletproof glass.

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