2 May 2019
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Countless businesses, organizations and buildings require the use of bullet resistant products in order to keep employees safe and secure, protect valuable resources, valuables and documents, and provide a trustworthy outlet through which commerce can take place. These products provide a level of protection that leaves everyone feeling more secure and able to do their jobs without fear, but for each separate application of the product, there’s a different cost associated with the process of manufacturing and installation.

First, it’s important to make sure that everyone understands the difference that exists between fantasy and reality when it comes to bullet resistant products and windows, and what they can stand up to. These windows and products are regularly called “bulletproof” windows by many people both inside the industry and outside of it. This is a convenient and shorter way of putting it, but the reality of the situation is that the idea of a truly bulletproof window is a myth. Even at the highest grades of resistance, it’s impossible for a window made of bullet resistant materials including treated glasses, plastics and polymers to stand up to every possible type of punishment. If an assailant fires enough bullets and the gun is large enough, a bullet resistant window will eventually reach a point of failure and break down.

Strength of Bullet Resistant Windows

The strength of a bullet resistant window, and as a result, its cost, stems from a system of categorization based on levels. There are eight levels of resistance for bullet resistant materials, and the higher up one goes in terms of the overall level of protection, the higher the cost will be. Levels one through three of protection for bullet resistant windows are created with a level of resistance in mind able to stand up to fire from handguns.

Level one glass is usually found in gas stations, retail stores, bank branches, credit unions and similar small businesses. These are mostly deterrents and thus don’t need to take any serious punishment. Level two windows are usually in larger corporate institutions like large banks. For level three windows, you will likely find these in low-level government buildings like utility offices, government facilities and police stations. For windows of levels 4-8, these are designed to be able to stand up to some of the highest levels of punishment and attack. This includes rifles, shotguns, and automatic weapons. These are found almost exclusively in high-level government facilities, and require extensive preparation and planning to install. Often, infrastructure of the building or facility needs to be specifically built around the window as it’s put in place. These are difficult to replace, and range in the largest amount of money.

How Bullet Resistant Windows and Products Are Used

Fortunately, the real purpose of bullet resistant windows and products in almost every case does not need to be to stop a determined and ongoing assault from an attacker who’s carrying serious firepower and is determined to get through a barrier no matter what. For the vast majority of businesses like convenience stores, stadiums and lodging areas like hotels or motels, as well as organizations like government buildings, schools and corporate banks, a relatively light grade of bullet resistant windows will suffice to ward off any attack before it occurs.

The Cost of Lower Level Bullet Resistant Windows

When paired with other bullet resistant measures like security cameras and alarms, potential attackers will almost always flee as getting through the barrier is less important than not getting caught in the act. By deterring attacks from happening and stopping assailants, low-grade bullet resistant windows and products are able to keep employees and profits safe at a relatively low cost. For uses like window trays and microphone communication embedded in the glass, low level installations are affordable and useful for most businesses. Without the added cost of installation, manufacture of these systems will cost most businesses something in the range of the single thousands of dollars.

The Cost of Higher-Level Bullet Resistant Windows

The total level and system of security for systems on the higher end of bullet security will naturally incur higher costs. Beyond just the level of windows, the total system and surrounding build quality will require more attention. For example, higher security operations like organizations like government buildings, schools and corporate banks will need a more complete and robust built-up system of security. In addition to higher level glass, which is made of different materials better able to stand up to the punishment that ballistic weapons can dish out, these can feature secure mounting systems as well as both interior and exterior bullet resistant glass. With sliders, bullet resistant doors, ballistic fiberglass and more reinforcing these elements, then it’s more feasible for business owners and operators of secure facilities to feel a total sense of security. Without accounting for installation of the system, manufacture and delivery of these systems can be in the low tens of thousands of dollars regarding cost.

Elements Affecting Installation Cost

For businesses looking to have their bullet resistant products installed in addition to manufactured, Creative Industries is able to serve as a total partner. With decades of experience in the design, manufacture, treatment and installation of bullet resistant windows, we’ll be able to serve as a complete resource. Since much of Creative Industries’ work is custom, however, each project has multiple elements that can impact cost.

For example, if existing bullet resistant windows and products need to be removed from a setting before installation, that can be a common factor that drives up price. Bullet resistant glass can actually degrade over time, depending on the materials it’s made from, so when communicating with your manufacturer of bullet resistant windows, it’s vital to understand the effective life of the materials and so how often it’ll be necessary to remove and replace these elements.

The type of mounting that each is part of will additionally impact the cost of a project. If there is more that needs to be removed or worked around, then costs will go up. However, Creative Industries is filled with expert professionals dedicated to finding a cost-efficient solution that works for you and your business or facility in need of protection.

Bullet resistant windows are able to provide a full range of security for businesses and organizations, most of which are able to lie on the lower end of the cost spectrum. With the right types of systems, organizations are able to protect employees and valuables at a cost that works for them.

To get the security you need and work with the right company to suit your needs, contact Creative Industries and our installation experts will work to find the right products for you.

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