How Much Is Bulletproof Glass?

28 May 2021
28 May 2021, Comments Comments Off on How Much Is Bulletproof Glass?

Having a barrier that can stop a bullet, while still facilitating interactions and transactions between employees and customers, is an essential protective measure needed by countless businesses, organizations, and facilities across the nation. When you choose and install the right bullet resistant products, the result is providing the right levels of security you need to keep employees safe, protect resources, valuables, and provide a trustworthy outlet through which commerce and other activities can take place. 

These products provide a level of protection that leaves everyone feeling more secure and able to do their jobs—without fear. This kind of safety comes at a cost, but is generally more affordable than people think if you choose the right partner. Call Creative Industries at 800-776-2068 to discuss your bulletproofing needs.

Bullet Resistant Glass Protection: Fact vs Fantasy

Although James Bond is a household name, what you see in a Bond movie or television show is more fantasy than fact when it comes to protection from bullets. In fact, even though everyone uses the term “bulletproof,” there really is no such thing. This is why the preferred term in the industry is “bullet resistant.” Whatever barrier is created for protection, there is always something that could get through it. But there are common weapons that can be protected against with a bullet resistant window in order to make conducting business safer. 

Bulletproof windows are made by layering polycarbonate material (plastic polymers) between sheets of regular glass or acrylic. The more layers there are, then the thicker the window and the more protection it provides. Learn more about the manufacturing process for these products in our blog article, How is Bullet Resistant Glass Made?. The important thing to know is that Creative Industries makes bullet resistant windows and other products that can provide protection against the most common firearm threat your business may face. And our pricing is surprisingly affordable, even for small businesses. 

The Levels of Protection Bullet Resistant Windows Provide

As the level of protection offered by a bulletproof window rises, so does its weight and cost. There are eight levels of protection, and the first three levels are the ones that provide adequate protection from the kinds of handguns used in most gun violence situations of concern to businesses and organizations. These can be described in ballistic terms, as follows:

  • Level 1: Protects against three rounds fired from a 9 mm gun
  • Level 2: Protects against three rounds fired from a .357 Magnum
  • Level 3: Protects against three rounds fired from a .44 Magnum


As you explore the various products we make at Creative Industries, you’ll find most described as providing either Level 1 or Level 3 protection. Level One glass is usually found in gas stations, retail stores, bank branches, credit unions, and similar small businesses. Level Two windows are usually in larger corporate institutions like large banks. For Level Three windows, you will likely find these in low-level government buildings like utility offices, government facilities, and police stations. 

Bulletproof windows of Levels 4-8 are designed to withstand attacks from higher caliber weapons such as a rifle, shotgun, and automatic weapons. These are found almost exclusively in high-level government buildings and facilities that need the highest level of security possible. They require extensive preparation and planning for installation. Often, the infrastructure of the building or facility needs to be specifically built around the window as it’s put in place. They are difficult to replace, and the cost is quite high for these types of bullet resistant products. What most business owners need is a solution that keeps their employees and operations protected at a level aligned with the most common threat they are likely to face and at an affordable price.

How Bullet Resistant Windows Work and Where They’re Used

The first thing a bullet strikes on a bulletproof window is the outer layer of regular glass. It flexes and cracks, but without sending shards of glass flying since it is fused to the next layer of polycarbonate material. That first layer of glass does absorb quite a bit of the bullet’s energy and spreads it out across the surface of the window. The next layer of super-strong polycarbonate material further reduces the velocity of the projectile and stops the bullet. This prevents the bullet from reaching or penetrating through the final interior layer of glass. Keep in mind, this is for a few rounds from the gun that aligns with the level of protection the window provides.

Fortunately, the real purpose of bullet resistant windows and products in almost every case is not to prevent a determined onslaught from an attacker hellbent on getting through, no matter what. For the vast majority of businesses and companies, like convenience stores, stadiums, and lodging areas like hotels or motels, as well as organizations such as government buildings, a school, banks, and so on, a relatively light grade of bullet resistant windows will suffice to stop or prevent an attack.

The Cost of Bullet Resistant Glass Windows

When paired with other bullet resistant measures like security cameras and alarms, potential attackers typically give up and flee. Getting through the barrier is usually less important than not getting caught. By deterring attacks from happening and stopping assailants, low-grade bullet resistant windows and products are able to provide safety and security at a relatively low cost. The manufacture of the products most commonly needed at businesses will cost something in the range of a few thousand dollars. The higher levels of protection described above (levels 4-8) will run much higher in manufacturing costs. But manufacturing the actual products to be used is just one side of the cost equation. You must also factor in the cost of installation.

Factors Affecting Installation Cost

For businesses looking to have their bullet resistant products installed in addition to manufactured, Creative Industries is able to serve as a total partner. With decades of experience in the design, manufacture, treatment, and installation of bullet resistant windows, we’ll be able to serve as a complete resource. Since much of our work is custom, each project has multiple factors affecting installation cost.

For example, if existing bullet resistant windows and products need to be removed from a setting before installation, the removal adds to the overall project price. Bullet resistant glass can actually degrade over time, depending on the materials it’s made from, so, when communicating with your manufacturer of bullet resistant windows, it’s vital to understand the effective life of the materials and how often it’ll be necessary to remove and replace these elements.

The type of mounting needed will also impact the cost of a project. If there is more that needs to be removed or worked around, then the cost goes up. At Creative Industries, however, we’re committed to making safety and security as affordable as possible for small and medium-sized businesses. We put in the extra effort it takes to find a cost-efficient solution that works for you and your business or facility.

Creative Industries: Your Full-Service Provider for Bulletproof Solutions

Bullet resistant windows provide a full range of security for businesses and organizations. What most businesses need will be toward the lower end of the cost spectrum. Creative Industries has been meeting the needs of client customers across a wide range of industries since 1970. Put our expertise to work for your business, workplace, government building, hospital, school, or organization to protect your people and your company. Start the conversation about your needs and get a quote by calling us at 800-776-2068.