How do banks know when it’s time to replace bulletproof glass?

22 May 2019
22 May 2019, Comments 0

Among those of us in the security world, it’s well understood that banks are some of the most public and targetable buildings when it comes to security threats. With so much foot traffic every day of all sorts of individuals, you never know where a threat might come from. With the threat that employees and customers might face from anyone intent on robbing a bank, it should be at the top of every bank’s list of priorities to take the measures that are necessary to make sure they don’t put lives or profits in danger. Locks, alarms, security camera systems and metal detectors are all good at spotting detection and keeping the inside of the building secure against unwanted entry. However, if someone gets into the bank, these will not be able to stop them from becoming an immediate danger to employees. This is where providing a bulletproof glass system comes in.

To start, it’s important to know what terms in the ballistic security industry really mean, and how they reflect reality. The term “bulletproof glass” is used commonly enough that it’s become acknowledged as a security term even though it is slightly inaccurate. In reality, there is no such thing as bulletproof glass. First of all, many of the windows and other security measures created as a customized security system to guard against guns and other threats are not actually made of glass. Some are, but other materials are common as well, especially for buildings with less intensive requirements. Second, and more importantly, there is no such thing as truly bulletproof glass. Bullet-resistant security measures come in eight levels of bullet resistance, but with enough punishment they can break down.

For banks, it’s important for employee safety and loss prevention to keep their bullet-resistant security systems up to date. These are some of the circumstances that can mean it’s time to replace bulletproof glass in a bank.

Bulletproof Glass That Has Been Damaged

It sounds obvious, but if your bank has had an accident or attempted robbery that has resulted in any damage to your bulletproof glass, you’ll need to replace it. At the point where visible damage has taken place, the glass will be structurally weaker and less able to stand up to attack of any sort. Aside from the structure and safety factor, bulletproof glass that is visibly damaged in a bank will project a terrible image of the safety, security and respectability of any bank that does not replace their glass.

When Your Building is Being Renovated

Building renovations to banks can mean anything between minor and superficial changes to the furniture or flooring, to a total change in the look of the building and structure on the inside. Since many renovations will involve shifting the structural materials that provide the basis or structure that the bulletproof glass rests on, it’s impossible to know how much damage you might be doing to the structure of your bulletproof glass when you change these elements. Weakened bulletproof glass could be less likely overall to stand up to any attack, so always consult with a professional. Creative Industries has decades of experience in the industry, and our design and installation experts will be able to provide the guidance you need.

When Your Bulletproof Glass Appears to be Yellowing or Cracking

After several decades of exposure to regular UV rays that are present everywhere, bulletproof glass may begin to take on a yellowish tint. This is a natural process, and doesn’t affect the safety or structure of the bulletproof glass, but it might not project the image you want to your customers. Additionally, it’s natural to want to keep bulletproof windows clean, but if it’s cleaned with the wrong materials, it can undergo a chemical reaction and develop what looks like cracks in the surface that are impossible to wipe off. These also create an undesirable appearance and might mean it’s time for a change to put on the best possible presentation.

The experts at Creative Industries are the leaders in the bulletproof system industry, and works to deliver resilient systems that meet the needs of every client. To learn more and make sure your bank has the bulletproof glass it needs, contact us today.

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