Bulletproof and Security Options for Airport Security

28 September 2021
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28 September 2021, Comments Comments Off on Bulletproof and Security Options for Airport Security

Bulletproof Glass for Airports

Whether it’s in the wake of horrible terrorist attacks such as 9-11 or a global pandemic, air travel is subject to ever-changing security procedures to keep people safe in airports. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is the federal agency in the US responsible for airport security. They use a variety of screening technologies and screening procedures to ensure people aren’t bringing weapons or explosives into the secure areas of airports or on flights. 

While the procedures during a physical search by TSA officers can be embarrassing, invasive, and the source for most airport delays, people generally tolerate this because everyone wants to feel safe and secure when flying. But it also begs the question, are airports truly prepared for pop-up dangers that could happen throughout airport facilities, including areas accessible by the public before going through security checkpoints? Airports need bulletproofing solutions.

The Threat of Gun Violence for Travelers in Airports

The shooting incident at the Ft. Lauderdale airport baggage claim in terminal 2 in 2017 killed five and injured 39 others. It made many people begin to question the level of security and safety in airports. In fact, quite a few travelers wanted to wear bulletproof vests in airports and on flights, but TSA and Homeland Security will not allow bulletproof vests on airlines as a carry-on, as they will set off metal detectors. 

Even more disturbing in recent times are reports of how many firearms are brought to airports. It’s illegal to bring any kind of firearm through an airport security checkpoint. Everyone should know this, and yet in 2019 TSA found a record-setting 4,432 firearms at airport security checkpoints across the United States! Fully 87% of those guns were loaded, and 34% had a round of ammunition chambered. Travelers are generally permitted to have an unloaded firearm packed in a hard-sided container that goes through-checked baggage, but never in a carry-on going through the security checkpoint. The point here is given how many guns are routinely brought into airports, it’s a no-brainer that bulletproof glass products should be a part of the security solution at any airport.

Airport Security Budgets and Options for Greater Safety

Between the US Secretary of Transportation, the US Department of Homeland Security, and the TSA, you’d think there would be better protective measures in place that go beyond preventing firearms from passing through airport security checkpoints. The high-traffic public areas of airports unprotected by security checkpoints are especially vulnerable. The Secretary of Transportation has the authority and flexibility to establish pilot programs and projects for new security measures in at least 20 airports at a time. Bullet resistant glass products deployed in these areas of airports is a viable way to better protect the safety of travelers, passengers, the employees of airlines, and airport personnel. 

Bullet Resistant Glass: Cost-Effective Protective Solutions

Whether it’s construction of a new airport or overhauling an existing airport through a major renovation, architects and project managers would do well to incorporate bulletproof glass barriers into their designs. This is one security solution that is less costly than most. Floor-to-ceiling bulletproof glass walls can stop not only bullets and deter fleeing attackers, they can also focus a blast safely into the ceiling and away from people. Ideally, bulletproofing for both blasts and bullets while maintaining pleasing aesthetics in airport appearance will keep both travelers and employees safer and offer greater protection against the threat of gun violence. It’s also worth noting that bulletproof glass options provide less ongoing maintenance costs than high-tech detection equipment, hiring more staff, and training.

What Does it Take to Stop a Bullet?

Bullet resistant glass can be manufactured from acrylic or glass layered with polycarbonate to provide the visibility desired and the ballistic protection needed. The thicker the bulletproof glass, the greater the protection from a variety of weapons. The various levels of protection range from level 1 through level 8. Levels 1–3 protect against the most common handguns (9mm, .357, .44, respectively), which are also the most common guns found in airports. Levels 4–8 offer protection against more powerful rifles, which are far less common. Protecting against every conceivable type of firearm is impossible, which is why the focus is on the most likely type of weapon to be used in any given facility or venue. 

Better Safety and Security with Creative Industries

Whatever building, facility, or venue you may have, Creative Industries has provided a bullet resistant glass solution for it at some point. We’ve worked with a stunning array of businesses and organizations over the decades and have a thorough understanding of what works best in each setting. We offer a wide range of standard bullet resistant products, but can also design and manufacture custom products to fit unique situations and needs. Our approach to top-notch customer service is simple: Get to know each client’s needs and then provide cost-effective solutions that will meet those needs. Start the conversation about what will provide the right level of bulletproof protection for your facilities by calling 800-776-2068 or filling out the contact us form on our website.