18 April 2017
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18 April 2017, Comments 0

The procedures you encounter with TSA officers before boarding a plane can be embarrassing, invasive, and the source for most delays. Intrusive pat-downs are comprehensive physical screenings according to tsa.gov, and moving forward, travelers can expect interactions to be even more intimate.  If you avoid the imaging scanner you are automatically subject to a physical search. You can expect a TSA officer of the same gender to:

  • Inspect of the head, neck, arms, torso, legs, and feet
  • Screen covered areas like breast, groin, and buttocks
  • Use their front hand to screen sensitive areas

TSA has several screening measures to ensure your safety and theirs, including pat-down screenings, screening technology that uses advanced imaging technology and walk-through metal detectors to screen passengers. Standard pre-screening involves removing items and placing them on the X-ray machine and screening them for explosives and dangerous items. But the question remains: even with all the screening options available, are airports prepared for pop-up dangers?

High alert for airport travelers

Unexpected dangers can occur at any moment and airports are not always prepared for it, as was the case during the January tragedy at the Ft. Lauderdale airport where 5 were killed. Naturally, this situation raises questions for airport security.

For some travelers, wearing bulletproof vests is a sensible solution for additional protection. As it stands, TSA and Homeland Security will not allow bulletproof vests on airlines as a carry-on, as they will set off metal detectors.

Security budget and options

Citizens and staff safety at airports is a serious subject matter for the Secretary of Transportation. The Secretary prescribes regulations to protect passengers and property against criminal violence and aircraft piracy. The Department of Homeland Security is aware that airport security is a consistent concern, but the budget for increased security like hiring more TSA officers and adding additional checkpoints before boarding is costly.

Creative alternatives are not immediately disregarded. The Secretary of Transportation will allow pilot programs for security upgrades. According to law.cornell.edu, the Administrator can establish pilot programs in no fewer than 20 airports to test and evaluate new and emerging security technology.

Protective solutions

One security solution that is less costly is the floor to ceiling bulletproof glass walls that can stop bullets, deter fleeing attackers and focus a blast safely into the ceiling and away from travelers. Ideally, bulletproofing for both blasts and bullets, while keeping an aesthetically pleasing airport to comfort travelers, will help travelers cope with stress at the airport.

Bulletproof glass options provide less ongoing maintenance costs than high-tech detection equipment, hiring staff, and training. Creative Industries, Inc has over 30 years of  thorough understanding in bullet-resistant service we provide to our customers. We provide everything from sweeping the floors to custom-made products to fit your specific safety needs.

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