23 July 2019
23 July 2019, Comments Comments Off on Pass-through trays in bank security

For financial institutions of every kind, bullet-resistant security systems should be a key part of the way that they protect their employees and funds from criminals, and how they can go about deterring crime in order to make a safer environment for everyone who uses the bank. However, every system does come complete with the ironic twist that no matter how much security is in place, people will also need to be able to interface with tellers to give and receive physical items like cash, checks, deposit slips and beyond.

Now, with developments in bullet-resistant security that have taken place over the last several decades, it’s still possible to remain at the highest level of safety and security while also not hampering progress in the day-to-day transactions you’ll have to make. Pass-through trays, drawers and cabinets are incredibly important for businesses, especially banks. They allow you and your employees, as well as customers, to operate with confidence throughout the day and get their business done with minimal disruption and maximum safety.

These multiple types of security systems each have specific intended uses, and make sure that in every setting, even beyond banks, there will still be the means to get everything accomplished with the best in bullet resistance. So, which types of pass-through system will work best for different businesses?

Pass-through trays

In banks, almost every transaction that will need to go through either to the teller or to the customer will simply be a piece of paper. Whether it’s a form, a check, cash or a receipt, employees and customers won’t need all that much room to be able to get business done with a minimum of disruption to efficiency. This is where pass-through, or deal trays, are the best items for the job.

Taking the form of small recesses in a counter with a bullet resistant window system over them, these are ideal for passing small items through. It’s more than likely that you’ve personally encountered these in your life, as they’re extremely common in gas stations, convenience stores and entertainment venues in addition to banks. These never give a direct line to the other side, and are in a small enough format that it’s impossible to stick a weapon through and intimidate employees. Beyond just being bullet resistant, deal trays (especially those from Creative Industries) are made to be specialized in order to get the right features you’ll need for your business.

Multiple features

With some styles, you’ll receive lids that can go over the tray. Indoors, this lid can be an additional layer of bullet-resistant glass or other material that can be locked and will protect the bank even more should someone attempt to break in and breach security after hours. If operating outdoors, like many entertainment venues and other businesses do, slanted lids above the entrance to the tray are able to protect the tray from filling up with water. Water in a deal tray can be a difficult hassle to take care of and can damage items, so making sure that this is handled is important to staying efficient.

Regarding the functions that banks will need these deal trays for, though, it’s likely that customers will also need to have the ability to do small amounts of paperwork or sign a document before sending an item through. In this case, it’s possible to include a small productivity ledge onto the end of the deal tray. This small ledge will give customers a workstation right where they’re already standing, so they’ll always be able to be efficient and productive.

The sleek steel design of pass-through trays for banks and other financial institutions make sure that these don’t stick out in the interior of the building, and can be considered part of the overall design of the space. It’s recommended that pass-through trays are at the minimum size that’s fully viable to get all business done and items passed through them. This way, there’s minimal opportunity for someone to attempt to get through this system.

Consult with Creative Industries, a bulletproof partner with decades of experience in the design and installation of systems for banks, to find the ideal pass-through tray to suit your unique needs. Contact us today, and let’s start the conversation.