Ensuring Total School Safety With Bulletproof Windows

23 August 2018
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23 August 2018, Comments 0

Using Bulletproof Windows at a School to Improve School Saftety

It’s an unfortunate reality that we have to live with, but schools no longer feel as safe as they once did. As a school administrator or anyone charged with the responsibility of keeping children safe, ensuring that your students and faculty have the proper protection against any unexpected event is a top priority. As it stands, bulletproof glass and bullet resistant windows for schools are one of your best available tools for increasing the overall level of security for your school classrooms, building and campus.

Bulletproof glass for schools is able to provide a layer of protection between children, teachers and administrators, and anything that might cause them harm. Threats can occur in all parts of a building, both inside and out, but bulletproof windows represent a vital development that has the capacity to save lives and ensure a safer environment shared by every student. As a company that has created bullet-resistant windows and products since 1970, Creative Industries, Inc. has a unique insight into the techniques and methods required to not only create a safety-minded product but to install it at the proper points for the best in safety.

Previously, gun crime in schools might have seemed like an impossibility; a freak accident that hardly ever occurred and certainly wouldn’t happen in a way that hit close to home. In the past decade, however, that notion has gone away, and it’s important for schools to consider every potential threat and take every measure possible in order to protect children. Organizing security against potential armed intruders is a sad but necessary part of better security.

There are several layers of protection that go into increasing a school’s overall security, part of which is strengthening the exterior and interior structure and design of school buildings, which is where bullet-resistant windows come into play. You can never personally guarantee for a school building to be completely safe, but you can do everything in your power to make the building and its inhabitants as secure as possible. Bulletproof windows can help make sure that children are safe throughout the school day.

Protecting Against External Threats

Increasing the security of the exterior of school buildings is a vitally critical component at the core of protecting schools and it can be the first layer of defense against intruders. Redesigning the front entryway doors and windows of a school with bullet-resistant glass allows the school to implement a relatively easy step that can make forced entry by an intruder extremely difficult and perhaps impossible depending on the circumstances. By installing bulletproof glass at school entrances, schools can significantly improve their security outlook.

Creative Industries has longstanding experience in the development and manufacturing of bullet-resistant windows and is uniquely positioned to help schools determine the right product and installation strategy for them. These windows, when properly placed, can help schools throughout the United States construct more buildings that provide safer environments for their students and staff members to teach and learn.

Protecting Against Internal Threats

In addition to protecting children and staff against catastrophic events, schools with bulletproof glass installed can also add a layer of protection to those in higher risk positions within the school. It’s difficult to predict how every student will behave during every moment of the day, so it’s prudent to plan for a teacher or administrator who might encounter an unexpected situation. Bulletproof ensures that safe spaces remain present within the school building.

Teachers and administrators are, in many cases, working with a high-risk student body. With so many variables present, they need to know that they are protected from the threats they have the potential to face on a daily basis. Bulletproof glass enclosures within the school can provide the safety and peace of mind some employees need to conduct their business throughout the school day. When events become unpredictable, bulletproof glass schools provide safety and security.

Whether you are concerned about the interaction between staff and students, or your goal is to create the safest possible environment to protect school children from outside harm, bulletproof glass schools can help. To learn more or to discuss how we can help you upgrade school security, or learn more about our bulletproof furniture and desks, contact us today.

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