Improve Safety and Security at Work with Pass-Thru Windows

28 September 2017
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28 September 2017, Comments Comments Off on Improve Safety and Security at Work with Pass-Thru Windows

Roughly 70 percent of quick service restaurant business passes by the drive-thru, according to QSR. But this isn’t the only industry that uses specialty windows. Pass-thru windows are used for a variety of applications to provide safety and/or security. What options are best for your business? Read on.

Pass-thru windows involve a range of styles that provide a barrier between the consumer and employee during transactions, which could involve the exchange of money, transferring packages, dispensing of medications or the movement of people between work sites.

Industry Use and Applications

These types of barriers are often seen in:

Depending on your business, industry or operations process, special requirements might dictate the type of window you choose. For example, you may need to protect employees:

  • Counting cash at the end of a shift
  • Managing a consistent or high volume exchange of cash and/or payments
  • From temperature extremes and/or preserving energy efficiency
  • Exchanging or processing various-sized packages

Many find added bullet resistant layering to be a comfort–especially in situations that could invite criminals or unstable individuals seeking drugs, for example.

Bullet-resistant options

Depending on the type, thickness and strength, bullet-resistant glass is a layered material that absorbs the impact of a bullet and/or prevents penetration. It can be applied to these common types of pass-thru windows:

Exterior Security Windows

Usually involving a weatherproof voice transmission system, exterior security windows are used by banks, restaurants and businesses that interact with consumers located outside the building.

Night Security Windows

To make night deposits and other transactions more secure, night security windows can be used in drive-up or walk-up applications.

Vision Security Windows

These windows are best for informational exchanges between employees and customers, because they don’t allow for physical items to pass through.

Exchange Security Windows

Large packages and other items can pass from employees and customers with exchange security windows, via large trays or Lazy Susans.

Flip Security Windows

A pivoting bulletproof pane reduces employee exposure while allowing large items to pass through to customers. Flip security windows also prevent the escape of internal warm/cool air, keeping temperatures more comfortable for workers. For these reasons, flip security windows are common for drive thru restaurants.

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