Protect the Safety AND Health of Your Convenience Store Staff

29 May 2020
29 May 2020, Comments Comments Off on Protect the Safety AND Health of Your Convenience Store Staff

As more convenience stores make the decision to protect their cashiers from gun violence during a robbery attempt with bulletproof barriers, the novel coronavirus pandemic has revealed an extra benefit of these products: Protecting the health of workers by putting a partition between them and the virus. Even convenience stores can play a part in stopping the spread of COVID-19, and Creative Industries products are a great place to start! Call us at 800-776-2068 to learn more!

How to Protect Cashiers from the Threats You Can See

In the last full Crime in the United States report assembled by the FBI, which was for 2018, there were 16,109 robberies at convenience stores, and another 7,267 at gas or service stations for a grand total of 23,376 throughout this especially vulnerable industry. Across all robberies, firearms were used in 38% of robberies. C-stores around the U.S. that want to protect their cashiers from gun violence are turning to bulletproof barriers for added security. The lone employee working the night shift is especially at risk, and bullet-resistant glass solutions like the ones we make at Creative Industries could be the deciding factor between who lives and who dies.

How to Protect Cashiers from the Threats You CAN’T See

But the threat of robbery, armed or otherwise, is the sort of threat you can see. What about the unseen threat everyone in the U.S. and around this world is fighting? The novel coronavirus is the invisible enemy that also poses a serious health and safety threat to cashiers in convenience stores everywhere. All it takes is one customer coming in and coughing, one consumer who lets loose with a sneeze as they’re making a purchase. Stopping the spread of the virus and the COVID-19 disease it causes means everyone needs to step up and take measures for everyone’s protection. Some stores have put up or hung Plexiglas panels at their checkout counters that essentially act like a sneeze guard to protect the cashier. This approach is really just a temporary solution. Why not take this unprecedented opportunity to put in place a more permanent solution that protects against both the seen and unseen threats?

A well-crafted bulletproof glass barrier will protect a convenience store cashier not only from the threat of gun violence, but also from the threat of the coronavirus and COVID-19. And this is our specialty here at Creative Industries.

Serious Solutions for Serious Problems in Retail Stores

As a response to COVID-19 pandemic, convenience stores have adopted many of the same measures seen in other retail shopping businesses such as Walmart, Safeway, Kroger, Whole Foods, Target, Giant Eagle, and many others that follow many of the guidelines created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These include encouraging and even enforcing social distancing with clearly marked floor points for standing in line and even directional arrows to control the flow of customer movement in stores. Many establishments are even making face masks and vinyl gloves available to shoppers. And of course, more cleaning and disinfecting and sanitizing than anyone thought would ever be needed.

And yes, no one likes any of this, but until vaccines and effective treatments are widely available, these are the weapons we have to stop the spread this coronavirus and help protect the health of those who are at higher risk for complications and death if they contract COVID-19. Because this is such a highly contagious disease, we need every tool, technology, and solution we can muster to win the battle.

What we offer convenience stores are a variety of bulletproof protective barriers whose installation will not only protect store staff from armed robberies, but will also protect them from every cough and sneeze by which the virus spreads. It may seem like a big change to undertake, but it’s the kind of change that will serve your business well for many years to come, including potential future pandemics like COVID-19.

You can browse the kinds of bulletproof products we make on our website, including bulletproof windows, bulletproof glass, transaction drawers, deal trays, pass thrus, and talk thrus. Our selection includes many standard items, but we pride ourselves on creating the custom solution that will meet the specific needs at your location. If you’d like more information or want to get a quote for a Creative Industries security solution, just give us a call toll-free at 800-776-2068 and ask for Mark or Mike!