What Are The Most Common Security Features For Small Businesses?

26 November 2018

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Common Security Concerns that Small Businesses Need to Solve

Security is never something that can be taken lightly. An incident seems unlikely until it happens to you – and then it’s too late. So what measures can business owners take to ensure the security of not only the business but employees as well? Let’s take a look at the most common security measures for small businesses and how you can operate at your best with peace of mind.

Here are the protective assets small business owners are finding help keep them running at their best, knowing they are secure.

Security Lighting

A poorly lit business is a vulnerable one. Naturally, lighting is meant to keep unwanted threats at a safe distance. Small business owners are installing lighting in all areas, positioned to ensure there are no blind spots. Having many sources of moderate lighting are more effective and cover more ground than a single, very bright light does.

Make sure your lights are high off the ground, but not too high. You want your security lights to shine down for full coverage, but if the lights are too high you’ll need them to be brighter. A proper height also helps make sure your lights are protected – if they’re placed high, they’ll be hard tamper with them or disable them.

Locks And Access Control

With all of your roles as a small business owner, you don’t need the hassle of learning a complex access control system. You need protection for your business, but it needs to be simple and convenient. Managing privileges, surveillance, and access can be made easy.

Most access points have locks. More and more small businesses are moving toward digital solutions instead of old-fashioned locks and keys. You can also add extra measures of access control with pass-thru cabinets.

Surveillance Cameras

Now that your facility is secure and well-lit, you can monitor anything with a security camera system. It’s not possible for a single person to see everyone who’s coming or going, so having a video record is important. The good news is there are many options available that can both be noticeable or discreet, it’s up to you.

Here are some questions to ask if you’re considering installing a surveillance video system:

  • – What is the recording quality? Does it have night vision?
  • – How are video files stored? How are they accessed?
  • – What are the mobile capabilities of a camera system? For example, many can now be operated and monitored online or with a mobile app.
  • – Does each camera have motion detection?

There’s no point in having a video surveillance system if it’s not of good quality. It could make all the difference someday.

Security Guards

Hiring a security guard or a team can help prevent crime, maintain security and also add a human touch by assisting customers and employees. Having someone at guard gives a sense of security that can lead your team to be more productive. Having an actual person providing security lets your team know that you take their security seriously. What’s more, any bad actors trying to infiltrate your building will be less likely to follow through if confronted by a security guard.

Motion Sensors

As noted before, many video systems come with motion sensors now. Motion detecting lighting and cameras are useful if your electronics go to sleep during off hours. Having motion sensor technology will give your business the sense that there’s always someone on watch.

Assess Your Environment

It is crucial to always assess your overall environment so you can stay protected. Be sure to inspect your building and all of its components such as doors, windows, flooring, and equipment. In many instances, business owners opt into additional security by upgrading their equipment such has specialized transaction and cash drawers, pass thru cabinets and bulletproof glass to assure the safety of employees and assets.

Peace of Mind With Creative Industries

There is no such thing as being over prepared. Especially when it comes to your business and those who help keep your business successful. By following these tips to increase the security and safety of your employees and your business.

The experienced and thoughtful team at Creative Industries can help. We’ve worked with facilities both big and small since 1970, and we’ve been there for our partners when they need us.

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