26 October 2018
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26 October 2018, Comments Comments Off on How Does Bulletproof Glass Work?

Is Bulletproof Glass Really Bulletproof?

In the past several years, we’ve seen the advancement of anything from an entire four-door, two-ton automobile to a simple can opener in your kitchen drawer. So, not surprisingly, bulletproof glass has seen improvement in design and function as well.

The product first came to fruition in 1903 when inventor Edouard Benedictus, a French chemist, had a beaker accidentally slip from his hand, land on the floor below, but not shatter. The beaker was coated in a plastic cellulose nitrate, which protected the glass by holding it together. Today, bulletproof glass, though much more purposefully made, utilizes similar technology.

Why Doesn’t Bulletproof Glass Shatter?

Diagram of ordinary vs bulletproff glassThe answer to how bulletproof glass works lies between the panes of what we know as traditional glass – where the additional layers of plastic and polycarbonate reside. These protective pieces are placed between ordinary glass, offering extra sheets of resistance and structure.

Then, if a flying bullet strikes the surface, it doesn’t completely shatter and catches the projectile. Chris Woodford, from Explain That Stuff, uses a good example in his article on bulletproof glass. He takes the analogy of a catcher’s mitt having the similar structure of the glass – creating the image of how if you catch a fastball with full resistance behind the glove, it will likely hurt your hand and you will drop the ball. Where if you let your hand give a little upon feeling the ball hit your glove instead, you’re likely to protect the ball and the umpire behind you from the throw. Bulletproof glass is built to give a little and absorb any energy thrown at it.

The Need For Everyday Protection

While bulletproof glass can’t stop every force of nature, it has been proven to substantially lessen the damage caused by the misuse of guns. We’ve seen the damage to house and home that can be delivered by a single bullet – imagine the outcome if the protective glass had been present. By implementing defense systems in homes, schools, and businesses with anything from extra boots on the ground to reinforced doors and windows, we are providing an environment for growth, learning, and opportunity to safely flourish in our everyday lives.

Similarly to the technology being used, a rise in the industry standards and effectiveness of these protective alternatives have provided numerous places of business, as well as schools and homes a little extra peace of mind.

Protective Systems For All Industries

Bulletproof glass is becoming more widely used and installed. Why? Because it works. At Creative Industries, we’ve developed systems for Central Indiana and beyond to remain protected with custom, quality re-assurance, without the high cost.

Our bulletproof glass can be installed in facilities across many industries. We have a long track record of working with:

This kind of technology can also be seen in places such as on presidential vehicles or even the “Popemobile”.

The next safety threat could come at any time. Don’t wait – be prepared. Your stakeholders will thank you. Contact us today to get started!