Who Uses Bulletproof Glass to Protect Employees?

1 April 2019
1 April 2019, Comments 0

Using Bulletproof Glass to Protect Your Employees

It’s generally accepted among businesses and decision-makers that, when operating a business or institution in today’s world, security is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your employees, visitors and assets from any malicious activity that might be directed at you. To begin, it’s important to have a proper understanding of what antiballistic security terms really mean. The idea of “bulletproof glass” is commonly understood to mean the windows and security measures put in place against guns, but these measures use a wide variety of materials apart from glass and can be more accurately described as “bullet resistant” as opposed to bulletproof.

Glass is a part of many bullet resistant systems today, but it’s typically reserved for protection on the higher end of the scale. Most of the basic protection that the average person will come into contact with is made from resins like acrylic or polycarbonate, as well as fiberglass. This technology isn’t typically called bulletproof by those in the industry because it’s unable to guarantee complete protection from an attacker with a powerful enough weapon. Bullet resistant windows are rated on a scale from one to eight, based on how much power they have to resist different calibers of weapons. For most organizations, though, the biggest role of bullet resistant security measures is to deter attacks before they happen and ensure a level of safety for all involved.

Bullet resistant security systems are used by clients in a wide variety of different industries, from the government to customer-facing. So, who uses bullet resistant security to protect themselves most often?

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores usually stay open for 24 hours a day, have cash on hand, and operate in all types of areas including those that can be naturally more affected by crime. Because of all of these increases the likelihood of robbery, keeping a layer of security between workers and customers can help keep them safer, provide protection to your profits, and maybe even deter attempts at a robbery before they occur. With the right bullet resistant products like deal trays, convenience stores can stay safe while not interrupting commerce with customers.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions and banks are obvious targets for robbery due to the large amounts of money and valuables contained within. With security cameras, guards and metal detectors it’s far more difficult to get away with robbing an institution than it once was, but taking extra precautions can add an extra layer of security for assets as well as safety for the employees who work there and would be at risk if an incident occurred.

Police Stations and Government Buildings

As the buildings and institutions that handle vital business for the well-being of society and often deal with potentially violent criminals on a daily basis, police stations and other government buildings are important to secure and keep safe. With more heavy-duty protection for these buildings, they can handle whatever threats they may face with the greatest amount of safety possible.


It’s a sad reality that, while schools should be a safe place for students and teachers, numerous tragedies over the years have proven otherwise. Administrators are seeking to protect their schools with bullet resistant security, adding additional steps that will detect and stop a potential tragedy before it occurs.

Stadiums and Arenas

The ticket offices at stadiums and arenas deal with thousands upon thousands of customer interactions, with a high volume of traffic coinciding with large amounts of money held within. This makes them a natural attraction for robbers, both during and after hours. These venues have relied upon bullet resistant security to keep personnel and profits alike safe.

Lodging Facilities

Hotels and motels need to have attending staff handling customers on-call at all hours of the day and night. With unsecured lobbies, it’s easy for anyone to walk in and present a potential threat to employees. Because of this, many hotels and motels have started relying on this new layer of technology to ensure that everyone stays safe and secured even when on call.

Bullet resistant windows are able to present a full package of security and efficiency for businesses and organizations across every sector and industry. By installing the right types of bullet resistant windows, employers are able to protect their employees as well as other visitors and profits that someone with negative intentions could try to steal or harm.

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