In-Store Germ Protection Measures: Pass-Thru Windows

29 May 2020
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The coronavirus outbreak is far from over, and yet people are anxious to reopen the economy. This puts retail businesses in a tricky position. They want to get back to business, but they also want to protect workers from germs and do their part to prevent the spread of the virus. Should they require customers to wear masks? After all, scientists have demonstrated that one misplaced sneeze from an asymptomatic carrier of the virus could start a new wave of COVID-19 cases. Creative Industries makes a variety of products that can provide an additional layer of protection for your company’s workers. Give us a call at 800-776-2068 to find out what we have to help your business safely resume operations.

Protective Glass Windows in a Variety of Transaction Configurations

People are tired of social distancing and staying home. Although we all wish things could go back to “business as usual,” but it’s clear that what we have to deal with is a “new normal.” With a virus as highly contagious as the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and the way some people can be infected and yet not show any symptoms of illness, any time a person coughs in public is a grim reminder that the pandemic can easily flare up again anytime, anywhere—including your business as you begin to reopen. Eventually, vaccines and effective treatments will become widely available, but those could still be many months away. But Creative Industries has many kinds of customizable glass windows that provide protection from germs while allowing your business to safely conduct transactions with customers. A variety of options are listed below:

Solutions for Conducting Business without Customers Entering Your Building

We’ve received many inquiries about our products from businesses that want to be able to conduct transactions with customers without those customers having to enter their building. Creative Industries makes a number of exterior transaction products, including the following:

NW-PH 1632 Nite Window with Pass Hopper

NW-PH 1632 Nite Window with Pass HopperThe NW-PH 1632 exterior transaction window is made up of three different elements, including the glass window, a talk-thru (the No. 6-FR) in the window to facilitate communication with customers, and the PHE-1 pass hopper with a capacity that can handle objects up to the size of two-liter beverage bottle. The business employee inside the building pivots the hopper outward for customer access, then the opposite direction to bring the materials inside. Only one moving part means little maintenance, and it is secured with a latch when the business is closed. Measures 16.25” x 32.25” for a standard-sized opening.

Exterior Ticket Window

Exterior Ticket WindowAlthough we call this one an exterior ticket window, it works well for all kinds of business transactions. What makes this assembly unique is the combination of our patented deal drawer with customer countertop. Its solid bearing slides allow the drawer to move forward smoothly and quietly, and it can be locked with a turn latch in the handle. The drawer is weather-stripped to minimize energy loss. Also part of this assembly is the two-way voice-amplified SC-100 talk-thru to make communication clear and easy with customers. 

NW-DT 1624 Nite Window with Deal Tray

NW-DT 1624 Nite Window with Deal TrayThe NW-DT 1624 is a compact exterior transaction window that includes our patented No. 5-D talk-thru with its vertical steel louvres for natural voice transmission and a five-inch diameter. Also essential to this configuration is the Stainless Steel Shelf Deal Tray. The shelf size is 12” deep x 2” high while the deal tray size is 11” wide x 8.25” deep x 1.5” high and includes a hinged tray cover to protect transactions from drafts. This assembly fits snugly into 16.25” x 24.25” wall opening and is fully weatherized to keep energy loss to a minimum. 

At Creative Industries we can customize all kinds of assemblies like the ones listed above with the primary components, including various kinds of windows, deal trays, transaction drawers, pass-thrus, and talk-thrus. We’ve helped all kinds of businesses achieve the level of safety they desire, and we can help your business as well!

Interior Solutions for Conducting Business with Protection from Germs

While some businesses are trying to figure out how to conduct transactions with customers without them coming into their building, other establishments want to allow customers in but still protect their employees from germs. Creative Industries has a number of products assembled with the same types of components used in exterior configurations, but for use indoors, including the following:

Teller Counter Model BRTC-SWTH

Teller Counter Model BRTC-SWTHThe main transparent panel provides an excellent barrier for customers who don’t wear a mask and cough or sneeze during their transaction. The counter includes a transaction tray with an acrylic panel with edge spacing to allow for natural voice transmission. But this is no ordinary deal tray, it’s our patented Swivel-Thru No. 1 Combination Pass Thru and Deal Tray that allows for currency to be easily passed back and forth in the closed position, or larger items to be exchanged using this model’s unique tilted drum tray. 

Exchange Window with Hinged Panel

Exchange Window with Hinged PanelThis exchange window allows for natural voice transmission, includes the Stainless Steel Shelf Deal Tray, but also includes a hinged panel that can swing upwards to allow for the transfer of slightly larger items. The sie of the hinged panel is 15˝ wide x 6˝ high. Rather than glass, the window is acrylic for this particular model. Six different size options for this overall assembly range from 24” wide x 30” high up to 36” wide x 36” high.

Dual-Panel Exchange Window with Lazy Susan

Exchange Window with Lazy SusanThis innovative dual-panel exchange window with lazy susan allows for regular currency transactions with a standard stainless steel deal tray (1210-S, 1610-S, or 1411-S), but has an additional panel that incorporates our revolving pass-thru we call the Lazy Susan LSW-CR. The drum has a clear acrylic window to give a visual of its contents, is rotated 180 degrees with the top handle, and can be locked with a drop bolt.

And all of the Above Products can be Bulletproof as Well!

While our focus in this article has been germ protection through our products, the reason we went into business was to provide a greater level of security with bullet-resistant products. In other words, you can get double-duty from our products to protect your business and employees not only from a pandemic like the novel coronavirus outbreak, but also protect employees from gun violence with bulletproof windows and transaction products. 

Creative Industries: Protecting Health and Safety at Your Business

We’ve provided safety solutions to customers in a broad range of businesses and companies in cities and communities across the nation, including hospitals, surgical centers and other healthcare facilities, conference and convention centers, stadiums and outdoor entertainment venues, pharmacies, and retail stores of all types. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have made it clear that businesses of all types must play an active role help control the spread of COVID-19 even as the economy begins to reopen. In addition to reconfiguring operations to allow for social distancing guidelines, requesting that customers wear a mask, and making sure employees are washing hands frequently, the products we manufacture at Creative Industries can also provide a whole new layer of health protection from disease-causing germs and viruses along with safety from gun violence. When you browse our offerings online, you can see detailed information and download specifications for each product. As the nation and the entire world continue to battle this invisible enemy, we stand ready to help your company stop the spread of COVID-19 as the economic recovery gets underway. Call us toll-free at 800-776-2068 to find out what we can do for you!