School Shooting Dual Protection: Cover and Concealment

16 December 2018

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Protect your Schools and Classrooms

More than ever, the realization of having to prepare for a threat at school or on campus is top-of-mind. In 2018 alone, there have been a total of 65 shootings across campuses in the United States. With as shocking a number as this, the heightened importance of preparing for such a threat becomes a must.

Bulletproof entryways, windows, and other exterior equipment are expanding the safety measures for school systems. As implementing these products helps to prepare and prevent the threat on the outside, preparing inside classrooms also has to be of top consideration.

Smart, Safe Design for Desks

While appearing as a standard classroom staple, bulletproof desks contain two layers of bullet-resistant fiberglass to create coverage at both far and close-range impact. With a solid frame that extends to the floor, the desk acts as a shield in times of danger and also a location to hide when the situation demands. Administrators, teachers, and students can feel reassured in the ability to take cover and remain hidden if such a threat arises.

The classic appearance of the desk allows for the safety feature to seamlessly blend into the school environment; not calling attention to the potential individuals it protects. The bullet-stopping measures on the front and top of the desk provide coverage beneath the Formica design.

The inclusion of bullet-resistant fiberglass and an added bullet-resistant plastic layer not only make the desk safe, but easy to maneuver. In the need to rotate or flip the desk quickly, students and teachers can do so with ease and quickly in an active shooter emergency.

A Necessary Measure

While conversations continue around the measures we can all implement to improve safety in our schools, the reality of such a threat looms in the minds of many. Planning for the worst equips administrators and teachers for this frightening ‘just-in-case.’

A 2018 study found that 40% of teachers say their school is not prepared for the threat of an active shooter. Citing both the needs to prevent entry of an active shooter and safety measures inside the building, these large percentage said their leadership lacked the appropriate education and equipment to keep students safe. Of the same study, just only under 10% found their school to be very protected.

Creative Industries continues to innovate for this worst-case scenario and address the needs of these schools. In fact, the wife of Creative Industries co-founder, and former school teacher devised the design for the bulletproof desk in case of exactly these situations. With an array of bulletproof technology and products, we want to continue to create top-of-the-line products for these needs.

Understanding what could make the difference in such a crisis allows school systems to become, and stay, prepared. Conducting training, building a culture around safety and having the appropriate products in place create less ‘what-if’ and more preparedness.

Assessing Your Need

It can often be an overwhelming challenge to determine what, and when, something like this is needed. Conducting a safety audit of your school or campus environment can allow you to see the holes in such a design and act quickly to remedy. Drills, speaking with staff and parents, and analyzing what’s already in place can allow you to see what measures can be put into place, or which need to be updated.

Often, it is clear what can be done to prevent entrance into the school and hopefully avoid an inside situation altogether. With the increased security and safety measures in place, it is important for the interior to match. Bulletproof desks are one design that allows seamless cover and concealment.

Though we hope to never see such a situation and that you may never encounter one, we can help you be prepared in the instance of an active shooter or violent threat at the school. Implementing and maintaining such measures is crucial to ensuring safety for everyone. Contact us today to learn more or to discuss how we can help your school bulletproof its entryway or other areas.

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