What is the Best Cash Drawer for your Company?

23 July 2018
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23 July 2018, Comments Comments Off on What is the Best Cash Drawer for your Company?

In the retail industry, cash is being consistently handled throughout the day and many transactions are taking place. Businesses should be making the point-of-sale process a priority and make sure they have the right system in place to prevent theft and other discrepancies. If your company has considered upgrading your cash drawer for your retail business, consider some of the following products offered by Creative Industries, Inc. to determine which option is best for your store.

Transaction Drawer 2725-SS is designed for exterior walk-up and drive-up service. This drawer is weather resistant as well as bullet resistant. The stainless steel front panel pivots upward and inward as drawer moves outward. This model also features a coin scoop and bill clip making it a popular option for convenience stores with walk-up services.

Counter Top with Drawer Patented is ideal for stadiums, motels, banks or gas stations. Ample space is provided on top for a writing surface. The drawer moves quietly on solid bearing slides and blends smoothly into the front of the countertop when closed. In addition, this option is also bullet resistant and locks with a turn latch in the handle for extra safety. It also reduces energy consumption because it is weather-stripped.

Transaction Drawer 1724-SS is well suited for drive-up and walk-up service as well. This weather-resistant drawer has a Lexan lid that allows a clear view of contents while preventing direct entry of outside air.

Transaction Drawer 1724-SCL Patented is designed to open and close with no chance of the lid being left open when the drawer is extended. As the drawer closes, the lid returns to its slanted position this helps reduce the risk of potentially harmful situations.

Transaction Drawers 1724-WW and 1728-WW are designed with exterior walk-up service in mind, featuring an extra deep stainless steel hood which enables it to fit thicket walls. These drawers also have a Lexan lid that helps to prevent outside air and allow a clear view of the drawer interior. These units rely on a large aluminum handle on the rear for draw movement and lock with a drop bolt through the bottom of the drawer.

A-Series Transaction Drawers provide a safe conduit for your transaction due to being sturdy and agile. These drawers are weather resistant as well as bullet resistant and provide seamless movement via extension slides.

Transaction Drawer 1924-DD is bullet and weather resistant also and best suits a business that offers drive-up services. A bill clip and coin pad are inside the drawer for inserting currency and the device locks automatically when it is closed providing a safe transaction.

Cash Drawer 1618 – This unit is heavy duty and designed to last for a very long period of time, even with consistent use. The unit is bullet resistant, but not weatherproof and is best used for transactions inside, such as a financial institution.

Our Deal Drawer recesses in the countertop along the front to achieve flush appearance. Full-width handle across the rear of the drawer along with smooth solid bearing slides allow easy operation. Lexan lid stays closed when the drawer is extended.

Proper cash management is essential to businesses. Having the right tool to make seamless, safe transactions is even more important. Creative Industries offers a wide range of secure cash drawers with unique features that cater to a variety of different stores and businesses. Contact us today for a custom designed drawer quote.