Banks, Natural Disaster Recovery, and Bulletproof Security

1 December 2020
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1 December 2020, Comments Comments Off on Banks, Natural Disaster Recovery, and Bulletproof Security

Banks face a variety of challenges in conducting their business safely and securely. Besides the obvious threat of bank robberies (increasingly rare these days), the biggest and most common threat to the banking industry is actually natural disasters. A bank employee has a number of security measures at their disposal to thwart a would-be bank robber, but there’s nothing anyone can do to stop a hurricane, earthquake, wildfire, tornado, or other severe weather incidents from wreaking the business and the community in which it operates. 

Faster Recovery Through Advance Planning is the Key

Banks and other financial services companies need to recover after a natural disaster as quickly as possible because the surrounding community, both residents and other businesses, are depending on them to help with the wider recovery effort after a disaster. The key to faster disaster recovery begins with having a solid business continuity plan in place ahead of time. Restoring service and security at a bank after a disaster needs to happen as quickly as possible, and that includes every protective barrier and all the bulletproof glass needed to resume operations safely. Creative Industries is always ready to quickly supply the bullet-resistant products a bank needs when restoring their physical location after a disaster.

The Challenges of Natural Disaster Recovery

Depending on how widespread the incident was, one of the challenges in natural disaster recovery is that local construction companies may also have been affected. And if the damage is widespread, there simply won’t be enough construction crews to go around, which makes recovery slower. A post-disaster business continuity plan for a bank should include arrangements with contractors from a distance they can call on for priority work to restore service to their community. Financial services companies like banks simply have to go over and above when formulating a disaster recovery plan. If you want to include bulletproof glass and other bullet resistant products in your business continuity plan, give Creative Industries a call at 800-776-2068 to start a conversation about your needs and how we can be ready to help when you need it most!

Upgrading Security and Safety During Disaster Recovery

Management of post-disaster recovery at a bank is fraught with challenges. You have to address all the infrastructure issues with the physical building while also tracking and mitigating risk factors around data preservation and protection, not to mention protecting against the threat of physical robbery during a period of heightened vulnerability. It’s a lot of pressure, but the better the business continuity plan, the better you’ll be able to manage it. There is also an opportunity, even in the midst of disaster recovery, to upgrade your facility with new, more, or better bulletproof products and solutions, and Creative Industries is ready to help!

A Diverse Range of Bulletproof Products from Creative Industries

At Creative Industries, we work with clients in a collaborative partnership approach to identify your needs and then create protective products to meet those needs. Among our many standard products are the following:

  • Bulletproof Window: An array of bulletproof window products to provide increased security and protection for employees. 
  • Deal Trays: Deal tray products protect staff when customer interactions include passing items back and forth to complete transactions.
  • Talk Thrus: Clear communication with customers is essential and talk-thrus offers protection while facilitating dialog.
  • Drawers: These are the classic extendable drawer used to facilitate transactions at a drive-up window. 
  • Pass Thrus: Bigger than most drawers, these products can handle passing larger items back and forth when needed.

Creative Industries can also create custom solutions to meet all your unique needs and requirements. And you never have to sacrifice your desired aesthetic for functionality when it comes to security because we can make any of the products to have the right look for your facility!

Creative Industries: Your Partner for Safety and Security

Whether it’s a bank, credit union, or financial services company, Creative Industries is ready to make it safer for your business and your employees. Some of our recent content related to safety, security, and bulletproofing at banks include the following articles:

If it’s time for your company to install new bulletproof barriers or make a plan for when you might need to do it quickly, such as natural disaster recovery, drop us a line and get the conversation started. You can get in touch with us through the contact page of our website or always feel free to call us directly at 800-776-2068. We look forward to hearing from you!