What Bulletproof Window Design will Best Meet your Security Needs?

13 August 2018
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13 August 2018, Comments 0

Business owners have the responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of their employees and their customers. No business wants to be at risk due to thin and flimsy glass at their cashier windows. That’s why many business owners are taking the steps to guarantee the safety of their staff and assets by upgrading to bulletproof glass.

With so many options available, it’s tough to determine the best fit for your business. Here we share more insight on popular options to give an idea of which bulletproof window best fits your business’s needs.

Exterior Service Windows – Businesses that provide walk-up or drive-thru services often upgrade their exterior windows with more secure options with bullet resistant glass. When bulletproof windows are selected and installed correctly they are functional and also provide the protection needed against hazardous elements as well as other security threats that may endanger or harm their staff and customers.

Night Windows – Night windows provide optimal protection against bullets and hazardous weapons. Banks and other businesses that allow night deposits generally opt for night windows due to their quality, functionality, and ease of use for customers. Talk-thrus and hinged deal trays also are available to make transactions even more seamless.

Vision Windows – Businesses that do not exchange goods or payments typically choose vision windows. Vision windows are a prime choice because they provide security, visibility as well as easy communication. Of course, vision windows also provide secure protection against in the event of an emergency or dangerous situation.

Exchange Windows – In some cases, a business may handle inventory and goods that are too large for a deal tray and need a larger deal area to pass through items. Businesses that have larger merchandise use exchange windows to accommodate their needs while still keeping their employees safe and out of harm’s way.

Flip Windows – Flip windows are another option for businesses with relatively larger items. Drive-thru restaurants often have this problem since they are handling larger items and still need to be secure from potential threats. Flip windows offer a bulletproof pivoting pane that replaces traditional slide glass to reduce the amount of exposure an employee has with the customer. In addition to safety, flip security windows also aid in keeping internal temperatures more regulated.

It is evident that without bullet resistant barriers, you become a target for crime. Windows can be one of the most vulnerable points of a building when it comes to security considerations so it’s critical to take the steps and make your business less of a risk. Security windows help meet your security challenges and offer clear views and safety for you and your employees.

At Creative Industries, we offer a wide range of products to improve the security at your business and offer solutions for government facilities, financial institutions, retail stores as well as corporate offices. You can trust Creative Industries to create a highly effective bullet resistant solution that will help you operate your business efficiently and safely.

To learn more about bulletproof window designs contact us today!

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