Bullet Resistant Stainless Steel Deal Trays

Stainless Steel Deal TraysBullet-resistant products are in high demand for businesses across many industries. At any location where regular interaction with customers takes place, employees can feel safer and more secure with the right protections. Bullet-resistant glass is now being used at counters and drive-thrus to keep people safe while still allowing good customer service.

Window Sizing and Deal Trays

The barrier a window places between employees and customers poses a new problem, though. Employees need to be able to pass information between themselves and customers. In banks, those items are deposit slips and stacks of checks or cash. In retail shops, these exchanges may involve larger items such as cigarettes and candy bars.

Stainless steel deal trays come in a variety of sizes to accommodate every type of business. You can find a tray with the perfect depth to hold your largest items without sacrificing employee security. We have a wide selection of stainless steel deal trays in various levels of bullet resistance. These options allow us to customize a solution to your unique needs, taking into account countertop size and security needs at a specific location.

Bullet Resistance

Stainless steel deal trays are built to resist bullets found in many guns. Bullet resistant products come in multiple levels, starting at Level 1 and progressing to Level 8. Many businesses’ needs fall toward the lower end of that spectrum, addressing the most common handguns. We have stainless steel deal trays with double-wall construction to ensure they address your concerns.

Even the shape of deal trays can differ from one model to the next. Some are deeper on the customer’s side, while others are deeper on the employee’s side. Some trays are built to be flush with the countertop, while others are built to mount beneath certain types of bullet-resistant windows. You can choose a deal tray in coordination with selecting a window or as a separate part of the process.

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