15 December 2018
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For any business handling cash or other sensitive materials, ensuring that their operations are secure is one of the most important things that they can do. Placing an emphasis on security keeps profits protected, ensures that employees and facilities remain safe, and ensures that no one will be able to gain unauthorized access to a sensitive area that remains exposed to the public both during and outside of ordinary hours of operation.

Ticket and reception windows serve thousands of people every operating week, and represent some of the most public-facing and potentially vulnerable areas of any sports facility. These windows need to be able to facilitate easy and quick transactions while also remaining tough enough to be able to maintain a high level of protection to any employee.

Creative Industries, Inc. specializes in high-quality bullet-resistant windows, with specific lines and products custom-made for sporting events and facilities. Our team is fully aware of the unique challenges that sporting venues face, and have products designed exactly to fit each client’s specification. Windows at sporting venues that don’t facilitate walk-up traffic can drastically slow the rate of sales and lead to longer lines for fans trying to purchase tickets. In order to ensure that your venue is able to serve as many people as fast as possible in order to sell more tickets and get more fans in seats, our windows feature openings that are sized perfectly for ticket exchanges.

However, speed of exchange isn’t the sole consideration that sports venues have to keep in mind when shopping for windows. Security itself always has to be the number one priority. Every location where large amounts of money are exchanged – banks, amusement parks, gas stations and other entertainment and retail venues – will naturally attract crime or attempted crime.

Cash might not be everything they’re after.

At every level of sporting events, from high school to college to professional level, there will be plenty of cash on hand serving as an incentive for criminals to attempt to break in or otherwise take the money by force. In some cases, it might not even be money itself that draws them in. The event tickets housed behind the windows and often left in the booths after hours could be expensive and carry a large resale value. Whether employees are manning the ticket booth or they’re abandoned after hours, it’s important they be as protected as possible before, during, and after an event.

Bullet resistant windows with the right features

The team at Creative Industries understands that with an investment as significant as fully outfitted bullet-resistant windows, you’ll need to be confident that they will keep secure and stay effective for years upon years of service. As industry leaders in the production of bullet resistant glass, Creative Industries has helped outfit venues that play host to professional events including those by the NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, and more.

Keeping school events safe

While professional events might have the most immediate need for bullet resistant windows at their venues, that’s not the only place where bullet-resistant window technology is able to thrive. Colleges and high schools alike are both facing new safety challenges, and it’s important to be able to address potential threats before an incident occurs. Providing bullet resistant ticket windows at your school venue is a way to keep student workers secure, as well as any cash that might be present in the venue after hours.

The windows are configured to each stadium’s unique specifications, and feature two-way voice amplified bullet resistant talk thru mounted in a customized choice of glazing. With flush doors and countertops, attendants will be able to serve customers better. In previous years, bullet resistant ticket windows were difficult to talk through and didn’t have a built-in work surface efficient enough to do a wide variety of tasks. With the latest in modern design functions, Creative Industries windows are able to provide a professional appearance while keeping ticket workers safe throughout the sports season.

For the latest in bullet-resistant ticket windows, call 1-888-991-4936 or contact us to start a discussion find out how we can provide a safe ticket window for your next sporting event.

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