Deal Drawers, Cash Drawers, and Transaction Drawers Provide Safety

For bullet-resistant windows to do their job of keeping those behind them secure, it’s important that the barrier remain sealed at all times. But for businesses that require employees to accept payments or pass products to customers, an impenetrable window hampers the very reason workers are behind the windows in the first place. Read More

Deal Trays for Cash and Transaction Drawers

The answer is to create a drawer or window that allows for transactions while still keeping employees safe. The fact that this opening must remain sealed at all times poses a design challenge to manufacturers. Through innovative design, today’s drawers keep the seal intact without sacrificing customer convenience.


Choose From Various Styles and Sizes

There are several different types of drawers, each offering its own set of unique features. Businesses can choose a design that fits its own specific business needs or simply make the choice with aesthetics in mind.

  • Deal drawers — With a deal drawer, the drawer is built into the countertop, making it flush with the counter itself. This creates a seamless appearance that saves space while also having visual appeal.
  • Cash drawers — For businesses who place a high priority on durability, the Cash Drawer 1618 is a great choice. The drawer doesn’t utilize slides, which keeps it sure while ensuring longevity.
  • Transaction drawers — A variety of transaction drawers are available, each featuring keeping employees safe while promoting easy exchange of items. The 1924-DD line is ideal for drive-up service, while the 1724-WW and 1728-WW drawers are better suited to walk-up service. The 1724-SS is great for either drive-up or walk-up customers. With the 1724-SCL series, businesses have access to a drawer that prevents its lid from remaining open while the drawer is extended.
  • Countertops with drawer—The design of this stainless steel countertop incorporates a drawer, making it best for stadiums, motels, hotels, banks, and gas stations.


With such variety, businesses can easily find a drawer that works with its own business model, ensuring customers receive the convenience they expect without putting employees at risk.

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