28 July 2018
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28 July 2018, Comments Comments Off on 5 Ways to Improve Safety in Stadiums and Arenas

Stadiums and arenas can house anywhere from 20,000 to 100,000 fans at a time. With more people in attendance, comes a greater risk of violence. That is why it is pivotal for the operation to take the necessary steps to address safety concerns in an ever-changing environment. Although not limited to these measures, these tactics can lead to increased safety as well as spectator experience.

Integrate New Technologies

When companies that specialize in public safety systems join forces it encourages safer, smarter and more efficient communities. This includes integrated video management technologies, gunshot detection, bullet-resistant windows and more. Bullet-proof glass can be specifically designed to accommodate the unique needs of large venues and help protect patrons and personnel in life-threatening occurrences.

Make Training Security Personnel a Priority

Effective planning, security and reaction procedures are critical for staff to respond quickly and recover from security threats. By analyzing each possible scenario and training the staff how to respond to each incident can greatly improve the outcome of each occurrence and help keep the employees and fans safe. This also includes educating employees on proper processes for security technologies already utilized such as metal detectors, bullet-proof ticket windows, and bullet-resistant deal trays.

Invest in Protection

Unfortunately, today, installing bullet-proof protection in stadiums and event venues is an essential building block for security. Stadiums are magnets for a potential crime so it’s important to minimize risk and keep staff protected against all threats. There are a wide variety of bullet-proof glass options available to suit the need of any arena, event space or other business in need of increased security.

Heighten Security Measures

It is crucial to also focus on security measures beyond the actual event itself. The window of time leading up to an event and the time following an event are also important and if effective protection barriers are not in place it leaves a gap for potential crime and violence to take place on the premises. Sites used for multiple events must be sure to have the same safety procedures in place to truly minimize fatal attacks.

Survey the Surrounding Perimeter

The risk of danger does not start and stop at the entrance to the event. That’s why security precautions must be taken around the event site as well. Crowds often congregate in parking lots, bars, restaurants and hotels around the event so the security envelope should cover these areas as well. Also, by being proactive and working with the surrounding businesses, events can ensure their neighbors are taking the proper precautions, have added protection and can communicate potential threats and suspicious behavior. Overall, this can significantly decrease the chance of attack and keep everyone on the perimeter alert.

The importance of all-encompassing stadium security is essential when attacks and assaults continue to target large arenas, stadiums, and events. It is evident that increased measures need to be taken.

Making decisions about additional security protection can be a challenge without an experienced guide. At Creative Industries, Inc. we’ve been working with bullet-proof technology for more than 30 years and can define your needs and the features that best accommodate them. Contact us for more information and an overview today.